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Tips for Sewing with Silk and Other Delicate Fabrics

If you are looking for help regarding sewing with silk and other delicate fabrics, you have come to the right place. Today, we will be giving you the best tips for you to be excellent at the art of using silks for sewing.

1. The first step is to be sure the silk you are buying is authentic silk: Go to reputed apparel stores. Sorry to say, if it is cheap, it’s not silk. Doing a burn test by taking permission or buying a tester patch. When silk burns, it curls away from the fire and doesn’t end up like plastic. It also smells like burning feathers, not like chemicals.

2.     Fabric structure and construction: Choosing your fabric carefully by keeping its structure in mind is important. Nor all fabrics make good trousers, tops or dresses.

3.     Preparation: Before you start sewing, wash the fabric in the way you would post sewing. Hanging it up for a day will also help you with the structure.

4.     Sharpen your scissors well: Make sure your scissors are free of burrs for precise cutting.

5.     Use the right needle and pins: Using Microtex needles and glass head pins is advisable since they are make finer holes in the delicate fabric.

6.     Markings:  Use water soluble marking pens and not a tracing wheel.

7.     Presser foot pressure: Adjust the pressure to be less than normal so the fabric can move more through the machine.

8.     Use some paper: If your fabric keeps getting stuck in the bobbin housing, use strips of printer paper under your fabric and sew as you normally would.

9.     Finish it the right way: Finish the inseams well with a French seams because sheer fabrics are see through. Also, they will prevent your garment coming apart from the seams.

10.  Washing and caring for your delicate garments: Hand wash delicate garments. You can also give it for dry cleaning. If done at home, press the garment well!

We hope this post helps you work better with silks and other delicate fabrics. Happy Sewing!


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