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Quilts for Quake Survivors

We have all seen the pictures of the devastating conditions in Japan after the Quake and the terrible aftermath. A lot of the survivors have lost their homes, their livelihood and loved ones.

The Japanese have given us so much inspiration with their wonderful aesthetics and incredible talent for creating beautiful handmade items. We for sure have been tremendously inspired by Japanese culture in our private and professional lives and Susan and I were both lucky enough to have traveled to Japan several times and it was always the most refreshing experience.

This is why we are launching big craft events her in Portland, OR to bring crafters together and create Quilts for those in Japan who have lost everything.

Why Quilts you ask? Because quilts stand for love, warmth, and comfort. Log Cabin quilting is probably the easiest quilting method, extremely economical and yields beautiful results. It also symbolizes the heart of the home – the center square represents the lamplight or fire in the hearth, surrounded by the “logs” or walls of the log cabin. We’d like to share this feeling of friendship, home and warmth with those who need it most.

So the idea is to get all of you involved by donating some time and some of your scraps. We’d ask you to cut from your stash 2″ wide fabric strips. You can either send those in or – even better – assemble some of those strips in simple log cabin quilt squares. More on how to easily piece and assemble quilt squares later this week in simple tutorials.

Once we get some inventory, we will organize quilting bees, where volunteers come together to sew quilt squares, create beautiful color combinations with existing squares, sash them and then quilt them together with simple methods, like hand tying or machine quilting. Whatever is best suitable for the designs. We could even machine embroider a personal message….

We have created a separate site for this event for information, updates, tutorials and what we need. As we go, we’ll also upload photos to the flickr pool to see the process, progress and maybe even spot the fabrics that you have sent in.

But there are also other ways you can help!

We will need yardage of solids or sheeting for sashing and backing, batting, threads and needles. If you have old sheets or unused fabrics – that is something we will need a lot off!

If you are a shop owner and would like to host a QfQ Event in your area, we’d love to help you!

Besides that, we will need ample of sewing help! It doesn’t matter weather you are an experienced quilter, sewer or just a beginner. There will be lots of simple and more complex tasks to do – and the best is, you’ll get free sewing lessons!

There are two possible end results: We make baby, children and lap sized quilts (and hopefully many of them) or we can possibly create one big one that can be auctioned off at the end. Or maybe both, we’ll see where this thing could go. Thoughts?

Please spread the word!!!

This is not intended for immediate help but we would think a 1-2 month timeline. So when all the media frenzy is calming down, this is when we would be able to give those gifts. We know it doesn’t change the world but it’s a symbol of hope and knowing that we care…


Happy 2011!

… here I am again! You won’t believe – but my beloved camera broke end of last year and without it – there is not much use to write a blog post. So no pictures of the yearly mini break to Mt. Bachelor where L started to learn skiing. No pics of the christmas tree, the decoration and the presents. And also no pictures of projects I finished end of December. These however will follow soon.

Anyways, here the very first pictures with my new (refurbished) camera.
The turquoise hat is by the way the hat Andy likes the best of all hats I made so far.

Taken at Ford Food and Drink.

Tiny Polka Dot Top E

Pattern: Top E from this Japanese Pattern Book.
Fabric: purple polka dot gauze from Fabric Depot’s Outdoor sale for $2/yard

A very special moment for me when L was taking time to do a little face and toe painting before we went to school. I wonder where she gets it from because I hardly use any make-up. The pattern is quite simple to assemble. The only thing I found tricky was that the bottom of the bodice and the top of the skirt both had to be gathered before they were sewn together. Which isn’t very stable. And in the end the gathering is not quite even all around but as I am probably the only one even noticing anything. Next time I would stabilize one of the gathered ends by sewing it against a tape down first to the wrong side of the garment.

I love the back overlaid openings but that’s something I will hardly be able to pull of anymore. But who cares if you have a little one who can pull it off no problem. Still a tiny bit too big but as summer is dwindling down now, I am glad it will fit just right next summer!

I have been taken some Photoshop classes this month because I loved the instructions of Susan Bein at Newspace Photography here in Portland so much that I was longing for more. Even though I have been working with Photoshop for many years, there is still so much more to learn and there are so many little tips and tricks especially when it comes to Photography. Now I only need to improve the photographs I take. Up above just a little example of a quick action we wrote to create a very dewy, airbrushed look for portraits. Of course, now I would like the new Adobe CS5 collection that just came out.

Here another example. We wrote another action assimilating Hipstamatic effects. Afterwards, I manipulated the photo a bit more to bring out the pink hue of the original cupcake. Love the result!

Weekend in March

Just some images from our long weekend. Andy took Friday off, we visited Leona’s new school – she’s getting so big so quickly – and passed the rest of the day at the coast. Beautiful weather! 70F in March! Leona playing in the waves, and spending some quality time with her dad while she’s squirming and climbing on me. Building has begun (for a couple of weeks already) for the New Seasons building. We are enjoying a lovely drink at Por Que No? and i am wearing, and wearing and wearing my Daffodil sweater.

Und jetzt nochmal auf deutsch, weil ich so langsam das Gefühl für meine Muttersprache verliere. Wenigstens im schriftlichen: Hier ein paar inspirationen vom letzten Wochenende. Andy hat Freitag freigenommen und so konnten wir alle zusammen Leona´s neuen Kindergarten besuchen. Danach sind wir gleich an die Küste gefahren. Es wahr für März unglaublich warm – so etwa 22 Grad! Leona konnte in den (ziemlich kalten Wellen spielen) endlich etwas mehr Zeit mit Papa verbringen und auf mir rumturnen. Seit einigen Wochen haben jetzt schon die Bauarbeiten am neuen New Seasons Supermarkt begonnen. Wir drinken leckere Limonade bei Porque No! und ich hab ständig meine neue Strickjacke an!

I heart my needles…

… my knitting needles for that matter. I finally started to do sample swatches so i can make decisions on my next project. This time i want to get my feet wet designing a pattern. Something i haven’t done yet with a sweater construction. Let’s see how it goes.

Cool stuff I found online:

Designs by Yokoo available here.

5 servings of fruit and vegetables

No, i didn’t give up – just didn’t have time to take pictures or post. But it has been a bit of a stretch to come up and create new things every day… and Leona had a bit of a stimulation overload – so i sneaked in two produce items i didn’t do this week to give her (and myself) a little bit of a break: The strawberries and the very cute peas in the pod.Oh, and this week i decided to introduce some fruit and vegetables into her diet after a week of heavy carbs.

The strawberries were done following this tutorial. I didn’t create this tutorial but after quite a bit of searching i still couldn’t find the blog of the creator. If anybody knows, let me know as i would love to link back to that particular blog.

The pea in the pod were also done following this tutorial from the same creator. This one is a bit more involved due to the creation of the peas, but i saw little felt balls  pre-made in craft stores which reduces the creation time quite a bit.

I didn’t follow any particular tutorial for the carrot but saw more beautiful ones with leafy stems rather then my sad strings. But, hey, it works… Made from two long triangles sewn together, stuffed and pulled close at the top, then added long strips of green felt.

I followed this tutorial from Lola Nova for making the eggs. They came out beautifully but turned out to be a bit large for the carton. Good thing they have a soft shell so i can squeeze them in.

The salad leafs were done extremely quickly: Cut out irregular leaf sized shapes of different color felt and stitched with non-matching green thread some vein-shapes. And because it’s all about variation, we added some sliced tomatoes from the previous week to make up a yummie salad.

Oh, and can you see what the round shaped thing is underneath the strawberries? Its a ‘quesadilla’ i made a while ago, but could also work as a biscuit (very flat one).

Anyways, that was it for this week. I think I’ll be on to sweet things for the next week and possibly do some other veggies as well when the inspiration strikes.
Because what i learned from all this is, that as much as i’d like for Leona not to eat as many sweets, she’s got a sweet tooth and asks for cookies and chocolate every day. And I feel bad not to give her anything especially as i love the stuff myself. What do you do?

Daffodil in Winter

Haven’t finished the february lady sweater as i am having some decisions to make at that one. So i started to work on another project that i was eager to start on. The daffodil from Amimono. Yarn was on sale at Knit Purl and i have been able to get pretty far already. Love the look and am excited to wear the finished cardi. To follow the process on ravelry, click here.

Greasy Spoon

Did you know i am married to a Brit? Well – this should give it away – the typical island breakfast ‘greasy spoon’: fried egg, bacon, tomato on a slice of bread with a side of cheese. And because we now live in the states – add a splash of ketchup to your plate as well.

Bacon is a layer of off-white felt under a layer of light brown felt, top stitched in uneven free form rows about half inch apart. Sides cut into bacon like uneven shapes and finally cut between the stitch lines of the off-white felt only to create the fatty bits. Trim the fatty bits down a bit more so the meat shines through a bit more for more realistic results.

The Egg is an uneven oval shape of white felt, with a round shape for the egg yoke (achieved by tracing around a tea light). Stitched down slightly off centered on the white felt but kept an opening (needle down) to stuff in some batting to add dimension before sewing the opening close. Online tutorial from One crafty mumma here.

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